How to Balance Between Personal Life and Thesis Writing

This is not surprising that you have a few weeks left of thesis submission and you have not written even a single word. Now then you will cut off from your personal life and completely get engaged in your thesis work. In fact, you will compromise wit ..Read More

How to Start a PhD in a Different Field

Yes, you can start your PhD in a different field. Interests keep changing with time and experience. You can find your true passion over years. Don’t think that you can’t do a PhD in a background that is different from your specialisation ..Read More

5 Points to consider while writing an effective conclusion for your PhD thesis

A PhD thesis is a comprehensive and extensive paper that you generally need to submit at the end of post-graduate research work. You spend a lot of days working hard through your thoughts and changing it until the thesis paper comes out what you need ..Read More

Choosing the right sources for citation in your PhD Thesis

A scholarly article usually appears in a journal you access through the library’s databases.With a journal article you may feel confident in this authenticity because the authors of journal articles write for academic honor,they document all so ..Read More

Why PhD Thesis Writing Takes So Much Time?

You must be aware of the fact that every good thing takes time in completion. Similarly PhD being the most honorable degree of academic level has its own specifications, limitations and demands which are mandated to be fulfilled for a true sense of d ..Read More

Let Go off PhD Guilt While Socialising

I have always emphasized on the importance of being social in your PhD programme. It helps to beat the depression but then there is another perspective to it. Getting social and entertaining yourself, during the course of your PhD may bring you down ..Read More

How to Do Your Thesis for a Great Company and Get a Job There

There are several advantages to writing a thesis in cooperation with a great company and getting a job there. There are many such elite companies around the world that would let you do the thesis for them and let you get a job with them. Here is how ..Read More

Join PhD Thesis Writing Boot Camp

Thesis India offers Thesis Writing Boot Camp exclusively for PhD candidates. This Boot Camp is a writing retreat for research candidates who must balance their thesis writing with responsibility and demand. Whether candidates are at the early stag ..Read More

Final year of PhD—Completing the Work Gracefully

It is common knowledge that working through a PhD program takes a lot of patience and perseverance. However, with the advent of the Internet, things have become much simpler and relevant information is easily available. When undertaking your PhD cour ..Read More

PhD Thesis: When and How to Find Help

PhD students, irrespective of their field of specialization, do find it challenging to complete their thesis in their chosen field of research. The PhD thesis is not just any report, but a comprehensive insight into your area of research.&n ..Read More

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