A Brief Guide to Developing a Well-Designed Research Question

A research process begins with choosing a feasible and general topic in the area of study. Once the topic is selected, the next step is to define the specific issue within the chosen topic. Formulating a research question is an arduous task. A good r ..Read More

Literature review vs systematic review: Know the key difference between them & get over the confusion

With an ever-increasing surfeit of researches being published, it is quite challenging for researchers to keep up with the literature. Therefore, reviews summarising the key results of various studies (in a specific domain) is an extremely efficient ..Read More

Research Background vs Introduction : Revisiting Key Elements to be Included

Although in most cases, the format of the thesis remains same irrespective of the research domain, in real-time the structure and organisation of thesis differ across various fields of study, with only the  core components remaining the same. Ty ..Read More

Causality-one of the main preoccupations of quantitative researchers

In most quantitative research there has been a lot of strong concern with explanation. There is basically stress on how and why things are like the way they are rather than just describing things. This is one such important feature in which there is ..Read More

Heat maps for market researchers

Researchers in marketing are constantly in a fix on how to make their data more interesting and easily understandable to their audience. They try graphs and charts and diagrams and histograms so that the mass of data that they have been working with ..Read More

Tips on Developing an Impressive Synopsis

A synopsis or proposal is the key to pursuing further research on your chosen topic. It is only approved by your committee members if there is wide scope for your proposed study. You will also need to work on several aspects of your synopsis that can ..Read More

Quick Tips on Developing a near Perfect Research Methodology Chapter

The methodology section of the thesis attempts to scale out the rationale for the use of the chosen tools and techniques that have been applied for the identification, selection and analysis of the information which is being used to comprehend the re ..Read More

How to Choose a Right Topic for PhD Research?

If you are reading this blog it is most likely that you on the verge to start your PhD, but confused about your research topic. Well, choosing a research topic is surely not an easy task. You will require patience, intelligence and smart thinking to ..Read More

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