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Thesis Statistics Services using SPSS

The statistical chapter of the thesis is always the biggest hurdle to cross. We at Thesis India offer PhD data analysis help are perfectly armed to help you fight this challenge. Most of the statistical analysis for research is done using a tool named SPSS or Statistical Package for Social Sciences. The correct use of SPSS Statistics tool can be difficult for first time users, because you need to learn how exactly to enter the data, what tests to run using SPSS, and most importantly, how to interpret the results page or the analysis done by SPSS. The SPSS assistance offered by our team of statisticians providing PHD statistics help in India has the following advantages:

  • Detailed tutorials: Our tutorial course covers every aspect of the software, such as how to enter data, use of various graphs and viewers, programming for analysis and so on.
  • Range of tests covered: The widest variety of tests is covered under the assistance service. Regression, T-test, ANOVAs, Discriminant analysis, Structured Equation Modelling, Mann Whitney, Principal Component Analysis, Co-linear analysis and many more tests are under the purview of our service. Team at Thesis India providing PhD thesis statistics help service guide scholars to select the most suitable tests for their study, as well as help them run the tests on SPSS.
  • Managing Data: Once you have collected the data for research, it needs to be cleaned to remove redundant and repetitive parts, as well as categorised for proper data entry. Our team offering PhD thesis statistics services assist you in labelling data and moving it to correct files on SPSS.
  • Results Analysis: The results page of the software can be interpreted in the best manner with our statistical help service. Our statisticians providing statistical analysis services in India put down the results in text form without ambiguity. Based you this, you can prepare the discussion and conclusion chapters of your thesis.


Our team of expert statisticians and PhD guides offering PhD statistics help using SPSS are best poised to help you. We help you get familiar with SPSS, so that you can structure your data according to the software and use it in the most effective way. There are various commands and dialogue boxes with which you can work. The commands are used for making the software work in the desired manner. The list of variables must be used to segregate the data.

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The reason for choosing SPSS over other tools is that it is the most structured tool and is specially designed to assist research scholars. It can work with a large variety of data sets. Though SPSS is mostly used for quantitative PhD Data Analysis help, its text editor version can also be used for qualitative analysis. The data editor is a convenient tool for working on a large data set.


Entering data is relatively easier with drag and drop options. So you save a lot of time

Integration with open sources is a plus point


You can avail a number of extensions to customise your analysis and use various tests

The tables, graphs and charts are made with set formats easily

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