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Thesis Editing & Proofreading Help

Once your thesis has been written, it will proceed to the next essential stage of editing and proofreading. Every academic document needs to be edited with caution, because there can be some mistakes which the writer has overlooked. In spite of the researcher being efficient and careful, there can be some mistakes simply due to lack of time or magnitude of the task. We extend thesis editing and proofreading service to ensure that thesis is completely flawless when being submitted for evaluation. The purview of the service includes the following:

  • Language check: For non native writers, this assessment is a must as there can be many flaws in grammar and vocabulary. Our editors providing PhD thesis proofreading service check the overall quality of language. It must be academic; meaning that no colloquial terms must be used and technical language as required must be adopted.
  • Spell check: First step is to use spell check tools/software to remove mistakes. Next, we also undertake a manual check of thesis to make sure that no technical terms, names of books, places or authors are wrongly spelt.
  • Plagiarism check: Your thesis will be checked for plagiarism with the help of latest software. Any plagiarised content will be replaced and necessary corrections are made. We guarantee zero plagiarism with our PhD thesis editingthis services.
  • References and citations: The next step is to check whether you have included all the references in correct order and format. This includes both the literature review chapter as well as bibliography. Also, citations throughout the thesis will be checked minutely to see if they adhere to the prescribed style.
  • Illustrations: Our editors offering PhD thesis editing services also check the tables, graphs and figures. The factors assessed here include accuracy, labelling, placement, uniformity, in-text reference and numbering.


We use the track changes mode for editing and proofreading. You can see the original text as well as suggested changes and accept them after consulting with your supervisor. Our editors delivering PhD thesis editing service in India are native English scholars and have worked on several research papers, theses and white papers. Plus, we assign editors who are subject matter experts. They review the content of thesis and make sure that a superlative document goes for submission.

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The time taken for editing and proofreading a thesis depends on its length, complexity of topic. However, in case you have a tight deadline, we will assign two or more PhD thesis editors in India who work in tandem to complete editing on time. On an average, it takes us 3-5 days to edit a thesis. Proofreading service will take about 2-4 days. During editing and proofreading, we stay in touch with the scholar to get clarifications and avoid confusion.


Formatting to check margins, spacing, headings and sub headings

Check punctuation marks, indention, bold/italics


Check font style and size, and its uniformity

Structure assessment of each chapter, sub section and paragraph

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