Choosing the right sources for citation in your PhD Thesis

A scholarly article usually appears in a journal you access through the library’s databases.With a journal article you may feel confident in this authenticity because the authors of journal articles write for academic honor,they document all so ..Read More

PhD Research - All About Case Study Method of Research

Gathering Information from Observations   A frequent piece of information in case study research is observations of the resevestigation her organization’s software adoption procedures may ask to observe arch setting by the researcher ..Read More

Doing Literature Review - When to do meta analysis for PhD research?

If you are searching an area where there are a number of prior quantitative studies ,Consider doing a qualitative literature summary. Sum of the summary methods such as tabulating Pro and cons studies are relatively simple. Other methods that compute ..Read More

A Brief Guide to Developing a Well-Designed Research Question

A research process begins with choosing a feasible and general topic in the area of study. Once the topic is selected, the next step is to define the specific issue within the chosen topic. Formulating a research question is an arduous task. A good r ..Read More

Clustering sample: An effective approach of representing cluster of participants & their inclusion in the sample

In research, the sample is considered to be one of the crucial factors that determine the relevancy of your research design and accuracy of your results. Therefore, it is a must to choose a suitable sample for measurements. Generally, sampling is the ..Read More

Insights into Top 5 Characteristics of Experimental Research Design

Often, research in psychology, pure science and social science involves assessing causal hypothesis which requires well-planned experiments that deliver valid results. Achieving valid results requires a research design that reduces all kinds of biase ..Read More

Literature review vs systematic review: Know the key difference between them & get over the confusion

With an ever-increasing surfeit of researches being published, it is quite challenging for researchers to keep up with the literature. Therefore, reviews summarising the key results of various studies (in a specific domain) is an extremely efficient ..Read More

Research Background vs Introduction : Revisiting Key Elements to be Included

Although in most cases, the format of the thesis remains same irrespective of the research domain, in real-time the structure and organisation of thesis differ across various fields of study, with only the  core components remaining the same. Ty ..Read More

Final year of PhD—Completing the Work Gracefully

It is common knowledge that working through a PhD program takes a lot of patience and perseverance. However, with the advent of the Internet, things have become much simpler and relevant information is easily available. When undertaking your PhD cour ..Read More

PhD Project Implementation Using MATLAB - How we ensure novelty in work

Although there is a variety of software to help doctoral research scholars, MATLAB is a wonderful simulation software tool that is extremely helpful in PhD project implementation. Thousands of universities worldwide make use of this tool to do techni ..Read More

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