4 no-fail publishing tips for turning your PhD research work into a successful book

How do you publish your PhD research work as a book? This question has been asked countless times yet has failed to earn a clear cut answer. PhD students spend years together working on their research work. And while doing so there is nothing wrong w ..Read More

What is the ideal sample size in qualitative research?

You have your research topic ready, a questionnaire prepared, and all you need is the data to prove your hypothesis. But the question that creeps in is how many people should you interview or what will make the perfect sample for your research. As ..Read More

PhD Research - All About Case Study Method of Research

Gathering Information from Observations   A frequent piece of information in case study research is observations of the resevestigation her organization’s software adoption procedures may ask to observe arch setting by the researcher ..Read More

Clustering sample: An effective approach of representing cluster of participants & their inclusion in the sample

In research, the sample is considered to be one of the crucial factors that determine the relevancy of your research design and accuracy of your results. Therefore, it is a must to choose a suitable sample for measurements. Generally, sampling is the ..Read More

Insights into Top 5 Characteristics of Experimental Research Design

Often, research in psychology, pure science and social science involves assessing causal hypothesis which requires well-planned experiments that deliver valid results. Achieving valid results requires a research design that reduces all kinds of biase ..Read More

Types of Plagiarism in Research Writing

Plagiarism stems from the Greek word ‘Plagion’ which literally means, to kidnap. Plagiarism in simple words is a bad academic practice which consists of stealing someone else’s ideas, research and literary work for one’s own i ..Read More
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