Assistance for Dissertation Analysis Chapter

The dissertation analysis chapter is one of the major chapters in any dissertation. This chapter mainly consists of the data that has been obtained as part of the research, along with the analysis of the data collected by the researcher. Principal ..Read More

Examining the rejection rates of journals

One of the important factors that researchers need to look at when they decide to get their articles published in a journal is the rejection rate that the journal has. Some journals have very stringent guidelines. They set extremely high standards, s ..Read More

Heat maps for market researchers

Researchers in marketing are constantly in a fix on how to make their data more interesting and easily understandable to their audience. They try graphs and charts and diagrams and histograms so that the mass of data that they have been working with ..Read More

Causality-one of the main preoccupations of quantitative researchers

In most quantitative research there has been a lot of strong concern with explanation. There is basically stress on how and why things are like the way they are rather than just describing things. This is one such important feature in which there is ..Read More

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