How to Balance Between Personal Life and Thesis Writing

This is not surprising that you have a few weeks left of thesis submission and you have not written even a single word. Now then you will cut off from your personal life and completely get engaged in your thesis work. In fact, you will compromise wit ..Read More

How to Write a Compelling Problem Statement

A problem statement is a detailed explanation of currently existing issues that needs to be addressed. It establishes the gravity of heeding attention to the resolution of the problem. In other words, a problem statement is the focal point of any res ..Read More

How to Start a PhD in a Different Field

Yes, you can start your PhD in a different field. Interests keep changing with time and experience. You can find your true passion over years. Don’t think that you can’t do a PhD in a background that is different from your specialisation ..Read More

Ask These Questions to Structure Your Research Proposal

Before initiating a research proposal writing, you should ask the following questions - What? Why? How? Who? When? And Where? What? The first question you should ask yourself is why are you interested in a particular topic? What are you trying ..Read More

5 golden tips to pen down a research proposal

There is plenty of advice available out there for writing a research proposal including mistakes to avoid or do’s & don’t to be considered while writing a research proposal. But the question is, are they really helpful? Is it everybod ..Read More

4 no-fail publishing tips for turning your PhD research work into a successful book

How do you publish your PhD research work as a book? This question has been asked countless times yet has failed to earn a clear cut answer. PhD students spend years together working on their research work. And while doing so there is nothing wrong w ..Read More

5 Points to consider while writing an effective conclusion for your PhD thesis

A PhD thesis is a comprehensive and extensive paper that you generally need to submit at the end of post-graduate research work. You spend a lot of days working hard through your thoughts and changing it until the thesis paper comes out what you need ..Read More

What is the ideal sample size in qualitative research?

You have your research topic ready, a questionnaire prepared, and all you need is the data to prove your hypothesis. But the question that creeps in is how many people should you interview or what will make the perfect sample for your research. As ..Read More

Choosing the right sources for citation in your PhD Thesis

A scholarly article usually appears in a journal you access through the library’s databases.With a journal article you may feel confident in this authenticity because the authors of journal articles write for academic honor,they document all so ..Read More

PhD Research - All About Case Study Method of Research

Gathering Information from Observations   A frequent piece of information in case study research is observations of the resevestigation her organization’s software adoption procedures may ask to observe arch setting by the researcher ..Read More

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