Ask These Questions to Structure Your Research Proposal

Before initiating a research proposal writing, you should ask the following questions - What? Why? How? Who? When? And Where?


The first question you should ask yourself is why are you interested in a particular topic? What are you trying to learn and understand? You should have passion for your research area to churn substantial information from your tedious research project. Therefore, you must identify the source of your interest to channel it appropriately. However, you also need to affirm that you have a keen interest to know what is going on. 


The next question to ask yourself is why a subject is important to others. What is the significance of your subject? What is the background of your subject? Why is it paramount to understand? What will be the benefit and who will benefit from it? Scoop out literature review related to your subject area and gain a better sense of issue’s significance and how it has been approached before. 

Who? When? Where?

The next question is to decide on whom you will interview, when and how you will access them, and where you will organise the interview. What will be the range of participants be? 

These questions are to be decided at the time of developing a research proposal as they decide directions for your research. 

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