Choosing the right sources for citation in your PhD Thesis

A scholarly article usually appears in a journal you access through the library’s databases.With a journal article you may feel confident in this authenticity because the authors of journal articles write for academic honor,they document all sources ,and they publish through university presses and academic organizations that use an jury to judge an article before it’s publication. Thus,a journal article about child abuse found in child development or in Journal of Marriage and family should be reliable, but an article about child abuse in a popular magazine is less reliable in its facts and opinions. 

Usually, but not in every case, you can identify a journal in these ways:

  1. The journal does not have a colourful cover ;in fact in the table of contents is often displayed on the cover.
  2. No colourful drawing or photography introduces each journal article,just a title and the name of the author(s).
  3. The word journal often appears in the title 
  4. The yearly issues of a journal are bound into a book.
  5. Usually,the pages of a journal are numbered continuously through all issues for a year

Sometimes you may face a bewildering array of articles,and you will wonder which pieces are the best.One way to evaluate a set of articles is with citation searching, which will search for sources of ecology of wetland.

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