How to Do Your Thesis for a Great Company and Get a Job There

There are several advantages to writing a thesis in cooperation with a great company and getting a job there. There are many such elite companies around the world that would let you do the thesis for them and let you get a job with them. Here is how you can achieve it.

Select a Professional Topic

You would firstly need to select a topic that is related to the business area that you intend to work in or that has high demand in the future. It should be a topic that you are interested in and it should have professional value. It should not be some unprofessional topic, which will not get you a job anywhere. The reason behind this is that you would be spending at least three to six or more number of months doing your thesis and also doing your job as a consultant. 

Buy Books on Your Topic

Visit a top online bookseller such as Barnes & Noble or and select books in your niche from there. This will give you an overview of the variegated problems that the field you are working on is facing. Purchase at least one of the books so that you can go through it and get some knowledge of the area you are working on. This will allow you to zoom in on the most important problems in your business area.

Consult Experts

Look up to five to ten experts in your area of business. This should also include the author of the book you have gone through. Ask them specific questions related to your business area and also ask them for permission to publish whatever materials they have provided you with in your thesis. Also, ask them what a good topic for your future thesis would be and then, apply to a top international company for supporting your thesis. This might even get you a job with them in the future.

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