Why PhD Thesis Writing Takes So Much Time?

You must be aware of the fact that every good thing takes time in completion. Similarly PhD being the most honorable degree of academic level has its own specifications, limitations and demands which are mandated to be fulfilled for a true sense of doctorate also it is very extended and comprehensive writing, hence it takes time. Apart from these there are many other outlines which a PhD scholar has to sketch in order to complete the thesis, these are mentioned below – 


  • Researching is a longer process – None of the PhD thesis can be completed without a detailed research. These researches vary according to the title chosen for the dissertation and the research methodologies vary from quantitative to qualitative research. Lots of data collected from various sources takes time and its calculation stretches further more. 
  • Work of a single individual – Of course each PhD scholar is provided with an experienced and expert guide, who helps them in the correct direction of research. But, ultimately the work has to be done and completed by a single researcher itself; this in turn takes time for PhD to get completed. 
  • Huge text takes time – Thesis is a long and detailed version of any topic where every nuts and bolts are affixed tightly. Starting from the introduction, abstract, division of contents into chapters, research methodologies, interpretation and ending up at conclusion, every segment and their subsections have to be dealt in detail. All these descriptions extend and thus stretch for long.
  • None of the sections can be excluded – Thesis is a step by step and a systematic write-up of any investigatory study and if any of its sections get edited or removed completely the real essence of the thesis gets elude. Hence, working upon every section makes thesis a lengthier process.

Hope! Those above mentioned reason are sufficient enough to make a thesis long and time consuming.

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