How to Choose a Right Topic for PhD Research?

If you are reading this blog it is most likely that you on the verge to start your PhD, but confused about your research topic. Well, choosing a research topic is surely not an easy task. You will require patience, intelligence and smart thinking to select a right topic for PhD research that is relevant and will be accepted by your mentor. 

Know the easy ways of choosing a good topic for PhD research

Select a topic you are passionate about
Do not just choose a topic just because it is relevant or your mentor has suggested it. You surely need to listen to your mentor, but you also need to make your own choices. Always remember that the topic which you will choose, you will have to work on it for at least 4 to 5 years. So, ensure to choose a topic that interests you rather than selecting any topic in haste and then regretting later on. 

Consider various ideas​
Instead of searching for one ‘right’ idea, consider several ideas. Do not worry about whether the idea is contemporary, traditional or outright crazy. When you consider several ideas, how you can go about the research and how they can contribute towards your PhD degree, you will finally be able to get closer to your real topic. 

Go through various dissertations​
Before finalizing your topic, read various dissertations on related subjects that interest you to get information about individual research styles and different ideas. It will help you get diverse outlooks about the topic. Of course, you will have to discover your own style of writing the dissertation, but reading different dissertations will surely help in making up your mind about your research topic. 

Avoid over-ambitious topics​
Various research scholars in order to impress their mentors or to ensure that their dissertation gets instantly approved, they choose over ambitious projects. The result- they end up taking years to complete their research or divert from their topics mid-way. So, make sure to choose a topic that is relevant, but not over-ambitious. 

Seek advice from thesis experts​
Last but not the least, you can consider seeking advice from thesis experts. With the ready availability of internet, you can effectively use it to search for an online portal that provides right advice related to thesis, including topic selection. The experienced thesis experts will enquire about the topics you are interested in and help you choose the right topic for PhD research!

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