Research Background vs Introduction : Revisiting Key Elements to be Included

Although in most cases, the format of the thesis remains same irrespective of the research domain, in real-time the structure and organisation of thesis differ across various fields of study, with only the  core components remaining the same. Ty ..Read More

Defending Your Doctoral Thesis Through Your Viva

Once you have completed your doctoral thesis, you would be invited to defend your thesis at an oral examination called the “viva voce.” Even though a viva can be challenging, many students enjoy explaining their doctoral theses to subject ..Read More

Tips on Developing an Impressive Synopsis

A synopsis or proposal is the key to pursuing further research on your chosen topic. It is only approved by your committee members if there is wide scope for your proposed study. You will also need to work on several aspects of your synopsis that can ..Read More

Types of Plagiarism in Research Writing

Plagiarism stems from the Greek word ‘Plagion’ which literally means, to kidnap. Plagiarism in simple words is a bad academic practice which consists of stealing someone else’s ideas, research and literary work for one’s own i ..Read More

Why PhD Thesis Writing Takes So Much Time?

You must be aware of the fact that every good thing takes time in completion. Similarly PhD being the most honorable degree of academic level has its own specifications, limitations and demands which are mandated to be fulfilled for a true sense of d ..Read More

Let Go off PhD Guilt While Socialising

I have always emphasized on the importance of being social in your PhD programme. It helps to beat the depression but then there is another perspective to it. Getting social and entertaining yourself, during the course of your PhD may bring you down ..Read More

How to Do Your Thesis for a Great Company and Get a Job There

There are several advantages to writing a thesis in cooperation with a great company and getting a job there. There are many such elite companies around the world that would let you do the thesis for them and let you get a job with them. Here is how ..Read More

Join PhD Thesis Writing Boot Camp

Thesis India offers Thesis Writing Boot Camp exclusively for PhD candidates. This Boot Camp is a writing retreat for research candidates who must balance their thesis writing with responsibility and demand. Whether candidates are at the early stag ..Read More

Final year of PhD—Completing the Work Gracefully

It is common knowledge that working through a PhD program takes a lot of patience and perseverance. However, with the advent of the Internet, things have become much simpler and relevant information is easily available. When undertaking your PhD cour ..Read More

Causality-one of the main preoccupations of quantitative researchers

In most quantitative research there has been a lot of strong concern with explanation. There is basically stress on how and why things are like the way they are rather than just describing things. This is one such important feature in which there is ..Read More

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